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"We deliver Monday through Friday in our refrigerated trucks."

What We Offer

Specialized in Quality & Service

In Herbal House we earned a reputation for the best of the field and for fulfilling the ever-evolving tastes of American Cuisine, Herbal House products is repacked according to strict state federal, USDA, FDA regulations. Being in the United States, also means that our products will arrive earlier, ensuring freshness.


Manufacturing Practice

Herbal House QG follows and maintains a good manufacturing practice (GMP) to ensure that everything we repack in our facility is not only beautiful and nutritious but superior and safe to eat as well. A written Hazard Analysis Critical Control Program (HACCP) is administered by our trained personnel. A private, independent lab monitors our safety system to ensure adherence to strict standards.

GMP – Our repacking facility practices health services approved for the following products: Fresh Herbs, Baby Lettuce, Fruits and Vegetables. Microbial testing: Fresh Herbs, Baby Lettuce, Fruits, Vegetables and equipment are tested regularly to ensure a clean, safe product. We use only municipal water that is tested for harmful bacteria and contaminants.

Services Lives up to the quality Fresh & Green Herbs.

Many of our customers have come to us with ideas about repacking herbs and baby lettuce in an unusual way. Working together with the customer is what keeps is at the forefront of our industry.

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? If so, we’re the company for you. We are big enough to be flexible, but small enough not to overlook the details. 

​Ask our specialists about repacking quarters, pound, bunches and many more options. We deliver Monday to Sunday in our refrigerated trucks. 

We at Herbal House... The Best of the Field! are proud to introduce ourselves as a fast growing Wholesale Distributor Company, specializing in High Quality Gourmet and Exotic Produce, from Florida, Caribbean, Central & South America. In 1993, Herbal House ... The Best of the Field! started its ambitious project in the middle of the growing area in Homestead, Florida. Soon, we realized the need to locate our Marketing and Packaging operations near the Miami International Airport, which has become the major USA gateway for incoming produce from the Caribbean Islands, Central & South America.

In 1994, Herbal House... The Best of the Field! was conveniently located 10 minutes away from Miami International Airport Cargo Center and Miami Market District, and since then, has served its Valued Customers in a very efficient manner and thanks to them we have grown to serve you better every day and offer a wide line of Specialty Produce, including Fresh Cut Herbs, Selected Fruits and Vegetables, Specialty Tomatoes and much more! Quality and Service are two things we never lose sight of. That's why our post harvest process assures you the finest in fresh cut Quality, appearance and taste of any Domestic or Imported Produce, Herbs & Spices. . .

At Herbal House... The Best of the Field! we deliver the finest QUALITY every Season year after year. Our Customers know that they can depend on us, and we do everything to make that trust grow.

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